HAE TrackR App

Want to control your HAE? All About HAE TrackR app

Have you wondered how to get your HAE under control? HAE TrackR is here to help!

Developed by fellow HAE patients at HAEi, HAE TrackR is an easy-to-use electronic diary designed to record your HAE attacks, treatments and the impact HAE has on your life and the life of your loved ones.

HAE TrackR is a secure, product and company neutral app, where all data gathered is the sole property of the user. Only you can share the data, if you want, with your physician.

HAE TrackR allows you to download a comprehensive report of your attacks and treatments to be used as a tool for both you and your physician in managing your HAE.

Endorsed by the ACARE network (Angioedema Center of Reference and Excellence), HAE TrackR will make managing your HAE easier.

HAE TrackR strictly protects your data and privacy and is fully EU-GDPR compliant.

HAE TrackR can be accessed from any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) anywhere in the world.

More information on HAE TrackR can be found at haetrackr.org

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